You are less than 9 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Please use the, pink or Blue calculator to make a determination of the first date you are eligible to collect your sample. Unless your doctor has provided you with a specific conception date, it is company policy to go strictly with our calculator. Other ways of determining date of eligibility will not be accepted by pink or Blue or covered under our Refund guarantee. Pink or Blue is not recommended for individuals that fall in any of the categories above. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-866-What-r-u ( ) toll free within us, or for international customers. Are there factors that affect the accuracy of Pink or Blue? There are several factors which may affect the accuracy of a pink or Blue result.

Intentional miss-reporting of these dates voids our warranty. How accurate is Pink or Blue? Pink or Blue is 95 accurate based on an internal survey by our quality fan control department. The company has implemented a program that monitors our accuracy rate and service quality on an ongoing basis. You will be offered the opportunity to participate in our ongoing quality monitoring program during your ordering process. When should a mother not take the pink or Blue test? Do, nOT take the pink or Blue if any of the following conditions are true: you had a miscarriage or termination within three months of your current pregnancy. You have had a bone marrow transplant from a male in your lifetime. You have had a blood transfusion within the last 18 months. You are taking medication to treat blood-related conditions and/or undergoing anti-coagulant therapy.

dna blood test during pregnancy
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Does Pink or Blue replace an Ultrasound? No, pink or Blue does not replace an Ultrasound. Ultrasounds are used for medical and/or health reasons and not just for checking the carotid sex of the baby. Studies have shown that ultrasounds have an accuracy rate of less than 85 before 12 weeks and are greater than 98 accurate at 21 weeks post-conception. Because it can take from five to six months to tell the sex of your baby using the ultrasound, we offer you pink or Blue. Pink or Blue is made for the mother who is excited to know the sex of her baby! Pink or Blue is a unique dna-based test that tells you whether you are having a boy or girl at 9 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period, approximately 7 weeks post-conception! Pink or Blue is a service providing information that has no impact on the health of the mother or the baby. Pink or Blue makes no medical diagnoses, recommendations, treatments, or medical or health claims. How does Pink or Blue compare to an ultrasound, cvs, and amniocentesis?

dna blood test during pregnancy
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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) about the pink or Blue dna gender Testing Product. What is the process from start to finish for finding out if Im having a boy or girl? Order the pink or Blue test online or by phone. Receive your collection kit in the mail. Confirm your eligible testing date through our online calculator. Collect a small finger-prick blood sample in the convenience of your home. Send your sample back to our laboratory. Get the exciting news of Its a boy or Its a girl just 3-5 business days later!

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This is mainly because, unlike for a paternity pregnancy dna test, the blood sample doesnt have to be taken by a medical professional. All that is required is a drop of blood, obtained through pricking your finger with a sterile implement, usually provided by the dna testing company. Most providers will deliver your results eight days after your sample has reached the lab, but you can often pay for an express service, to get them in half the time. Prenatal Screening, taking a dna test while pregnant that screens for health conditions such as Downs Syndrome will probably cost you around 1,000. Relatively few providers offer this type of prenatal testing, which may be part of the reason why the service is so expensive. Like paternity testing, it requires blood to be taken by a medical professional, which is another reason why the cost is relatively high. If youve taken a dna test while pregnant to screen for health conditions your baby may suffer from, youll typically receive your results within two weeks, and one provider, sequenom, offers results five days after your sample reaches the lab. The science behind dna tests while pregnant.

dna blood test during pregnancy
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However, this doesnt usually cover the cost of the whole service, as it is necessary for the mother, and sometimes the alleged father(s) to provide blood samples (instead of cheek swabs). Although the containers required to collect the sample are often included in the dna testing kit, a medical professional will be required to take the blood sample. As well as the extra cost this entails, bear in mind that it is often up to the customer to organize this appointment, as well as the swift return of the samples to the lab. As these samples are classed as biological material, special packaging and/or a courier will likely be required for this service, which again, is not always included in the original price or organised by the provider. As mentioned above, its possible for men to provide a dna sample using a cheek swab for the prenatal paternity test, instead of having to provide a blood sample.

This reduces the price as it can be done at home without the requirement of a trained medical professional, and doesnt require a special courier. Once all of the samples have reached the lab, most providers will deliver the results of your paternity pregnancy dna test within two weeks. Price is probably the only area in which an invasive paternity test has an advantage over a non-invasive paternity test, which analyses your babys dna while pregnant. The few providers that offer invasive prenatal paternity dna tests charge about half the price of non-invasive options. Although this is a tempting discount, its important to consider the extra medical costs that may be involved for this type of genetic testing during pregnancy. Sex Testing, prenatal sex testing prices range from about 200-300.

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However, genetic testing during pregnancy can be carried out to predict the babys sex at this stage. Despite this being possible so early on, these dna tests are 95 accurate, which is better than an ultrasound, the first of which isnt usually carried out until a few weeks later. Be aware however, that taking a dna test to determine the babys sex while pregnant isnt a replacement for having an ultrasound. Testing dna while pregnant, whilst predicting the sex of a baby, doesnt include health or development analysis, whereas an ultrasound does. Prenatal Screening, dNA testing while pregnant allows you to screen, from around 10 weeks in, for health conditions that your unborn baby might be born with.

This can be taken at the same time as the protein and hormone based test, but has been shown to give more accurate results, and can therefore provide extra assurance. A point to remember for any of these tests is that the number of weeks along you are is measured from your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). This is because its often hard to estimate the actual date of conception. Your ultrasound scans may give you a more accurate due date, as midwives can measure the size and assess the development of the baby. However, because many prenatal dna testing services can be used before the date of your first ultrasound, its important that you measure your pregnancy in this way to ensure you dont take the test too early and end up with an inaccurate result. The price of genetic testing during pregnancy. The price of taking a dna test during pregnancy is quite high compared to tests such as carrier screening for prospective parents before birth, and paternity tests after birth. Paternity testing, if you want to find out the paternity of your baby by taking. Dna test before birth, then it will likely cost you between 990 and 1,650.

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These allow customers to get answers to their questions about their babys paternity, sex, or health, without having to worry about the mother going through an unpleasant procedure, or the baby being at risk. The methods used for these types of reviews test usually require the mother of the unborn baby to provide a blood sample. This is because the mothers blood contains small amounts of the babys dna, which can be detected from as early as seven weeks into pregnancy. Its thought that the babys dna could make up as much as 12 of the total dna in a mothers blood. How early can you have a dna test while pregnant? Paternity testing, if you want to take a paternity dna test while pregnant, this can be done from 10 weeks into the pregnancy if you choose the non-invasive method. The accuracy of these tests.99 which is the same as invasive tests. The stage of pregnancy at which you can take invasive prenatal paternity tests is later than for non-invasive: cvs can be carried out at between 12 and 14 weeks, whereas amniocentesis cant be done until 16 weeks into pregnancy. Sex Testing, although the babys dna can be detected in the mothers blood from seven weeks into pregnancy, it is not at high enough levels for all types of test at this point.

dna blood test during pregnancy
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Although this sounds horrible, its usually done under local anesthetic and is always carried out by a trained medical professional. The other method, amniocentesis, is a very similar procedure, but instead of taking a sample of cells from the chorionic villi, amniotic fluid is collected. Its highly unlikely that youll ever be recommended this option for prenatal paternity or sex tests, and many doctors will refuse to carry out the procedure unless its for a health reason that has already been non-invasively tested for. However, a few companies offer this method of testing your dna while pregnant, such as dna diagnostics Center. Invasive testing can also be carried out to screen for Downs, Edwards or Pataus syndrome, a service covered by most insurance plans, especially for women over 35 years of age. However, youll usually only be referred for these procedures if the results from a blood test one used to measure proteins and hormone levels indicates that your baby has a higher than average chance of being born with frühe one of these conditions. Non-invasive dna tests for health screening, known as cell-free or cfdna tests, are now offered by several dna testing providers. Most dna testing providers offer non-invasive options for dna testing while pregnant.

The different types of dna test you can take during pregnancy. Lets start by talking about flauwvallen invasive genetic testing during pregnancy. This is a reason that many are wary of considering dna testing while pregnant. Admittedly, these techniques do increase the risk of miscarriage, but the overall likelihood of this happening only increases by around 1-5. Luckily, in most of the cases, if youre thinking of taking a dna test during pregnancy, theres no need to go through an invasive procedure. The most common invasive methods are Chorionic Villi sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis. The first involves a needle being inserted into the placenta, either through the stomach or the cervix, to extract a small number of cells from a section known as the chorionic villi.

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Pregnancy should be a time of joy and excitement, but many find that they have questions and concerns relating to their unborn child. At least three of the most common uncertainties can be resolved by taking a dna test while pregnant. Taking a genetic test during pregnancy can tell you the paternity, the gender, and even the potential health risks your baby faces all before you reach your second trimester. Another question that is often asked is, can you get a dna test while pregnant? Many worry that doing so could harm their baby this is a legitimate and common concern. The good news is that only a handful of the dna tests you might take during pregnancy pose a risk of miscarriage żylaki these are commonly known as invasive dna tests, and you should be aware that safer, non-invasive alternatives are usually available. You should always check with the company undertaking the test to make sure you understand these risks. If you want peace of mind about the father of your child before he or she enters the world, take a look at our prenatal paternity test providers. If youre more worried about potentially passing on a gender-dependent health condition, or just want to prepare for either a little girl or boy, find out by using one of the prenatal sex testing providers listed on our website.

Dna blood test during pregnancy
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