Sometimes Id keep the leeches on my bottom for up to two hours. 'They suck out large amounts of blood and toxins and the weight fell off. The leeches dont hurt when they attach, she explains. I think people are scared of leeches but they are natures medicine and when they are full they simply drop off so the key is remembering how many leeches you put on your body and make sure you have them all. 'i dont use leeches from a river or lake i use the specially grown leeches that hospitals use, she explains, admitting without her leeches she would be overweight and unhappy. Alex, who has trained as a hirudologist, says she was so fascinated by the medicinal powers of leeches she decided to use them to improve her sex life.

Alex grew up in Eastern Europe and after having two children was wearing baggy clothes. I best didnt like exercising and tried a number of diets but nothing worked. I felt awful and old. Then, five years ago, she was invited to study alternative health therapy in London. I was astounded when the lecturer was talking about the use of leeches in weight control she says. 'As students we had to treat each other so every day for a week i had a leech put on my bottom for 25 minutes and it sucked out the blood by the end of the week my clothes felt loose. I thought it was poor washing but I checked my weight and I had lost 6kgs and was shocked. Alex says: 'I would recommend this to any lady who wants to put some real zing back in her life' 'they help with pimples and wrinkles and keep me in shape both in and outside the bedroom Alex insists. Alex, who admits to being lazy and hating exercise, started a strict course of leech weight loss therapy in August 2011 and by august 2012 had lost nine stone. I was shocked and amazed. All up over 200 leeches helped lose the weight.

varicose veins leeches
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More and more the benefits of leech therapy are becoming mainstream and in fact Britain has the biggest leech breeding firm for medicinal use, explains Alex, who says she cannot live without. Alex is so fond of her man babies she lets them lie on her chest to remove toxins, puts them on her toes to improve blood flow to her feet and enhance her pedicures. 'leeches have improved my love life and for the first time ever i am experiencing multiple orgasms. Its wonderful says Alex. Alex pictured before losing weight. . She even lets the leeches suck at scars on her legs to help the marks disappear and puts them on her bottom to suck out blood and toxins to help her shed the pounds. She even lets them suck at scars on her legs to help the marks disappear and puts them on her bottom to suck out blood and toxins to help her lose weight and improve her sex life. The leeches have aided detoxification, helped improve my general wellbeing and using them was the key to weight loss, she explains. They are my babies and they live in big jars in my kitchen. I put them inside my mouth to clean my gums and make my teeth healthy, they hang from my face and help with pimples and wrinkles and keep me in shape both in and outside the bedroom, explains Alex.

varicose veins leeches
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A london mother-of-two has revealed how an echo extreme weight loss routine using leech therapy helped her lose a staggering nine stone, taking her from a size 28 to a slim 12. Alex Bogatyriova, who lovingly cares for her 'pets' in her own home, insists that leech therapy has improved her sex life helping her deal with peri menopausal symptoms and improving her orgasms. They are the secret to my weight loss and I have a new lease on life the 48-year-old says. Scroll down for video, alex Bogatyriova, who lovingly cares for her 'pets' in her own home, insists that leech therapy has improved her sex life helping her deal with peri menopausal symptoms and improving her orgasms. Alex insists: They are the secret to my weight loss and I have a new lease on life' 'leeches have improved my love life and for the first time ever i am experiencing multiple orgasms. Leech therapy - or hirudology - has been used for centuries, and was used by the nhs in the 1970s to assist microsurgery patients who had limbs re-attached, as the worms helped encourage the return of blood flow. Other clinical applications of medicinal leech therapy include varicose veins, muscle cramps, vein inflammation and osteoarthritis.

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Howell, for example, in his Textbook of Physiology, a standard text, relies largely upon voit. He gives as a bibliography of "original sources virchows's Archives, vol. 131, supplement 1893; Luciani's Das Hungern, 1890, weber's Ergebnisse der Physiologie, vol. 1, part 1, 1902, and finally benedict's a study of Prolonged Fasting, carnegie institute,. Such deliberate suppression of all the accumulated information about fasting makes it extremely difficult for the student of the subject to learn the truth about fasting. Coupled with this suppression of information is the habitual failure of all standard authors to distinguish between fasting and starving. Is this done through ignorance, or is it done with malice aforethought; is it done for the deliberate purpose of prejudicing the student against the subject?

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Records of fasting are found among almost all peoples in both ancient and modern times. Our encyclopedias tell us that, although the objectives of fasting vary among individuals, the aims of fasting fall, for the most part, into two distinct categories: (1) fasting for reasons of spiritual enlightenment, self-discipline and other religious motives; and (2) fasting for the purpose. Unfortunately the writers of articles on fasting in the encyclopedias have tweedehands limited themselves too severely in their studies of fasting; perhaps they have done this for the distinct purpose of suppressing many important truths about fasting. Writers of articles for encyclopedias are not addicted to the commendable habit of telling the truth and they are usually from ten to a hundred years behind the march of knowledge. The authors of the articles on fasting in the various encyclopedias seem to confine their reading and bibliographies to religious fasting. Although none of the present-day encyclopedias that I have consulted carries the old statement that if a man goes without food for six days his heart will collapse and he will die, they carry statements almost as absurd.

For example, the article on starvation in the latest edition of the Encyclopedia americana carries the statement that the "preliminary" hunger is accompanied with "severe pain in the stomach and epigastric region generally, thirst "becomes intense "the face assumes, meanwhile an anxious, pale expression;. "The gait totters, the mind becomes impaired, delirium and convulsions may ensue and death occurs." "From 8 to 10 days is regarded as the usual period during which human life can be supported without food or drink. A case is recorded in which some workmen were dug out alive after fourteen days in confinement in a cold, damp vault; and another is mentioned in which a miner was extricated alive after being shut up in a mine for twenty-three. He died, however, three days after his release." There is, in this description, and there is much more to it (I have merely repeated the high-lights of "starvation no differentiation between fasting and starving, little differentiation between fasting with and fasting without water, and. The bibliography at the end of this section lists exactly three publications one of these dated 1884-5, one dated 1847 and the other dated 1915. But the most important part of the 1915 publication is entirely ignored. Physiologists who discuss fasting, or as they prefer to term it, starvation, are as prone, as are the writers of articles for the encyclopedias, to rely upon a limited and antiquated bibliography.

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We see little more than an accumulation of absurdities and barbarities. "The accumulated wisdom of three thousand years!" look at sick humanity around you; look at the mortality reports; look at generation after generation, cut off in the very spring-time of life, and then talk of wisdom or science! In this volume we offer you real wisdom and true science — we offer you the accumulated wisdom of many thousands of years, wisdom that will still be good when the mass of weakening, poisoning and mischief-inflicting methods of regular medicine are forgotten. A brief history of fasting will help to prove the truth of this. During the past forty years fasting and its Hygienic accompaniments have gained immense popularity and the position to which they are entitled by virtue of their intrinsic worth. The advocates of fasting are constantly increasing in number and the strenuous opposition that fasting has had to face from the medical profession and from laymen alike, has merely served to advertise its possibilities and the simplicity and reasonableness of the claims made for.

The benefits that flow from a properly conducted fast are such that we do not hesitate to predict that it is the one procedure in disease that will be universally employed when it is once fully understood. The literature of fasting is not well known to the average doctor of whatever school. Few of them have made a study of the subject. Likewise, they have had no experience with fasting and lack confidence in its application. A brief review of the history of fasting will serve, therefore, as a background to the subject and will give confidence to practitioner and patient. As will be shown later, fasting for the many purposes for which it has been employed, has been in use since before the dawn of history. Indeed, it may be said that it is as old as life. As a procedure in the care of the sick, it fell almost wholly into disuse during the dark Ages and was revived only a little over a hundred years ago.

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Nature's health laws are simple. The road to health and happiness is not the labyrinthine maze described by our medical mystagogues. In pursuing their dietetic cedes one is fairly bewildered by a mass of incongruous precepts and prescriptions, laborious compromises between old lymph and new theories, arbitrary rules, and illogical exceptions, anti-natural restrictions and anti-natural remedies. Their view of the constitution of man suggests the king of Aragon's remark about the cycles and epicycles of the Ptolemaic system: "It strikes me the Creator might have arranged this business in a simpler way." — felix. Oswald in presenting this volume on fasting i am well aware of existing prejudices against the procedure. It has long been the practice to feed the sick and to stuff the weak on the theory that "the sick must eat to keep up their strength." It is very unpleasant to many to see long established customs broken, and long cherished prejudices set. "Shall we not respect the accumulated wisdom of the three thousand years ask the defenders of the regular school and their feeding and drugging practices. Where, we ask, is the wisdom for us to respect?

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And nature herself will guide our jou steps if the exigence of abnormal circumstances should require a deviation from the beaten path. Remedial instincts are not confined to the lower animals; man has his full share of them; the self-regulating power of the human system is as wonderful in the variety as in the simplicity of its resources. Have you ever observed the weather-wisdom of the black bind-weed? — how its flowers open in the morning sun and close at the approach of the noontide glare; how its tendrils expand their spirals in a calm, but contract and cling, as with hands, to their support when the storm-wind sweeps the woods? With the same certainty our dietetic instincts respond to the varying demands of our daily life. Without the aid of art, without the assistance of our own experience, they even adapt themselves to the exigencies of our abnormal conditions, and our interference alone often prevents them from counteracting the tendency of dire abuses. All dietetic needs of our body thus announce themselves in a versatile language of their own, and he who has learned to interpret that language, nor willfully disregards its just appeals, may avoid all digestive disorders — not by fasting if he is hungry,.

Shelton's health school, san antonio, texas first Edition 1934. Third revised Edition 1950, w ant of echo appetite is not always a morbid symptom, nor even a sign of imperfect digestion. Nature may have found it necessary to muster all the energies of our system for some special purpose, momentarily of paramount importance. Organic changes and repairs, teething, pleuritic eruptions, and the external elimination of bad humors (boils, etc. are often attended with a temporary suspension of the alimentary process. As a rule, it is always the safest plan to give nature her own way. Introduction 1 Definition of Fasting 2 Fasting Among the lower Animals 3 Fasting In Man 4 a bill-of-Fare for the sick 5 Autolysis 6 Fasting Not Starving 7, chemical and Organic Changes During Fasting 8 Repair of Organs and Tissues During Fasting 9 The Influence. 22 The rationale of Fasting 23 The length of the fast 24 Hunger and Appetite 25 Contra-Indications to fasting 26 Fasting in Special Periods and Conditions of Life 27 Symptomatology of the fast 28 Progress of the fast 29 Hygiene of the fast 30 Breaking.

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Full text of lacunar fasting and sun bathing, by herbert Shelton (1934, revised 1950 vol iii of The hygienic System. The original electronic text of this document may be found in Steve solomon's. The, hygienic system, by herbert. Human life, its philosophy and laws. Natural diet of man, hygienic care of children, natural cure of syphilis. Natural cure of cancer, basic principles of natural hygiene, etc., etc. Fasting and sun bathing published by,.

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